Therapeutic Applied Percussion

rapid relief

Therapeutic Applied Percussion (or T.A.P. for short) is a powerful, rapid acting, no-meds solution for anxiety, panic, stress and pain flareups in the moment when most needed.

Researched and developed by Kristy Lee Rackham, RN, and backed by evidence-based science, T.A.P. is so safe that anyone can learn to use it - from young children to the elderly. It's like CPR for the nervous system.

No-Meds relief from pain flareups

Alleviate chronic pain flare-ups within minutes without medications and get back into living.


Get in-the-moment rapid relief from heightened emotional distress and triggering such as anxiety, overwhelm and panic.

t.a.p. Certificate course

Become Certificated in Therapeutic Applied Percussion.
T.A.P. is a fantastic addition to your existing health practice. Imagine being able to offer your clients a non-pharmacological intervention that is highly effective, rapid and FREE for them to use between visits. You can integrate T.A.P. seamlessly into your existing toolkit of client care methods to...

  • Increase client satisfaction levels by offering a portable solution for anxiety, panic, stress, overwhelm and pain outside clinic visits.

  • Enhance existing therapy efficacy in session

  • Improve overall client well-being and health outcomes

  • Empower your clients to self-regulate and more directly participate in their health and healing trajectory.

  • CPD Hours may apply*

*Please check with your registration body to confirm CPD hours will be accepted.

for home users:
T.A.P. training for health, healing and harmony at home

Kristy Lee Rackham, RN regularly runs 'home user' group coaching programs to overcome anxiety, fears, overwhelm, doubts and stress without medications. Her courses are renowned for creating greater ease, joy and freedom in the lives of her clients.

To begin your journey into a greater sense of personal empowerment and self discovery, contact our team for a free 1/2 hour 'clarity consultation' and find out how you can learn Therapeutic Applied Percussion and a powerful toolkit of additional self-help tools to bring rapid relief to you and your loved ones.


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Therapeutic Applied Percussion